Put some Prayer on It!

So what has been going on friends?! Let me tell you God is awesome. About two years ago I started making shirts officially. I started making them for my family over 10 years ago but was also afraid to step out in faith.... Anyhoo, fast forward through many trials and experiences God said move and gave me WORDthy Creations. Words matter so much to me.

WORDthy Creations purpose is to spread the messages that matter (to you, me, us). Those messages for me often include, and hold in the highest esteem, the Word of God. From the conception of this (ad)venture, incorporating God and prayer was always the goal. When I started the business a year ago I would include prayers with my shirts but as things picked up it got away from me. However, Holy Spirit never let me forget this was apart of the vision.... so here I am picking up where we left off, now with a "Prayer Blog".

Here you will find prayers (and thoughts) based on whatever God puts on my heart. I would love to hear from you if and when you find yourself praying one of these prayers with me. Or if something I shared spoke to you in anyway (agree/disagree). I am believing by the Power of God that is in us and all around us that when these words are prayed that something miraculous will happen in your mind, body, and soul and in the lives of anyone you are interceding for. God has a plan for all of us and wants to use us as His walking billboard of His Glory!

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