Kick-off Prayer

Let Us Pray

Most gracious and merciful God, we come to you on this day exalting your name with praise and thanksgiving. You are the creator of all things in the heavens, earth, and sea. Life is a gift from you for all of us that have breath in our lungs as that means you still have something more

for us to do.

Before requesting anything, forgive our sins Lord. Poor choices have been made, things and people, including ourselves have been put before You and Your will and for that we are sorry. We ask for the guidance and strength even now to turn from our sinful ways that you may use us and bless us as you desire. Even now we ask that you show us the areas that need to be submitted to your will and that we release anything that is not a representation of your holiness. You know its not easy Lord, but it is possible if we depend on your. I pray that as this pray is read and prayed that their faith is increased. Whether it be morning, noon or night that Your presence is sensed and we will declare in faith that we "Can do all things through Christ who gives us strength".

Let us start here, today, believing that we can, and trust that You Lord will show us how. I speak life and activation to everything that is within your daughter/son right now that has been dormant. I speak restoration to anything that enemy has stolen, broken, or corrupted. As we trust You and surrender, we will recover all in Jesus Name. Amen!!

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